Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kindall Duke's 20 Reasons to NOT Sleep with Criss Angel

1) Lisp
2) Accent
3) Butt chin
4) Scorpions!!
5) Cat
6) Lips
7) "I feel this presence."
8) Stupid hat
9) Facial Expressions
10) Hand Gestures
11) He's Nick flippin' Calderwood with a bad dye job
12) His mom's lisp is WORSE!
13) He doesn't really speak English
14) When you wake up he might have disappeared
15) Black leather should be reserved for bikers and it should NEVER have dragon-type pictures on it.
16) He's a tease
18) He's a liar
19) Kisses other girls
20) Just 'cause

Thus readers....Make good decisions.

1 comment:

Kindall said...

It just came to my attention that he briefly dated Britney Spears. Strike 21.